Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Pretty show-off tools

I got hooked on showing off about my WIPs. Here are word meters from Critique Circle. Blurbs for most of these stories are here.

I've grouped them in the rough order that I intend to finish them. Though what I need is a second bar which indicates how much editing I've done - Dictionary, Unillustrated and Exploding Engine Diagram are technically finished in terms of writing and into the revision phase but that takes me much longer than writing the first draft.

I spent the weekend planning out books 3, 4 and 5 in the same series as Vicky's Rules and my excitement over that world* has caused me to nudge Vicky's book higher in my list of priorities.
Let's be honest, though: Before I finished more than 2 of these WIPs I'll be starting something new. I threw out the goal of not starting anything new until older works are done and instead am trying to focus on only starting shorter works before anything older is done.

I hate writing 'The end' but I love writing 'I suppose it all began when'.

*By 'world' I mean a tattoo parlor and all-ages hardcore venue and the scene surrounding them

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