Saturday, 26 July 2014

Very Exciting Launch Day!

I have something new for you all to read! It's a novel! A novel with werewolves!! Romantic werewolves! It is a free novel with romantic werewolves!!!
Links, in the hopes that mobile users can avoid having to load all my excited gifs:
Jagged Rock on the MM Romance Group on Goodreads
Jagged Rock on Goodreads
MM Romance Group site (features all stories free for download, and you don't have to be a member)

Hey! I wrote a novel!! It's 97k and it's totally finished, and it's totally available for you to read!
Cover produced by Sue of the MM Romance group. Thanks so much, Sue!!
I am excited. I am going to dance around, and I am going to bring all the exclamation points with me.
All the excitement! All the exclamation points!! All the gifs!!!.
Found through The Hooded Figure in the Dog Park via giphy

Launch day!! Free novel! Free novel for everyone!!! Have phallic fruit emoticons!

Jagged Rock is the novel I wrote during March and April, for the MM Romance Group on Goodreads who have an annual free story event. My prompt was by Carey.
The prompt really caught my imagination and, better yet, it caught my follow-through too! It's been some time (read: years) since I've been able to finish anything more than a short story. And then Jagged Rock was started and finished in a couple of months!
This novel feels like a giant personal success for me. It was also a fantastic experience - stressful and exhausting and terrifying, but all in a good way! And, ultimately, it was rewarding.
I haven't had that much nerve-destroying fun since my first NaNoWriMo!
Here is a gif I found on the internet [on, credited to paint-me-a-butt on tumblr but paint-me-a-butt on tumblr is a page about mortgages??]. This gif is appropriate because it represents both my excitement at having a new story for you, and also the process of writing that story.
So, there it is! My first fully finished story in years. Out of my head, and onto your screen. I really hope you enjoy it :)

Links again, just in case:
Jagged Rock on the MM Romance Group on Goodreads
Jagged Rock on Goodreads

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