Saturday, 14 May 2016

New release: Integrity

My new rock star m/m romance novella is live! Integrity is a tense and steamy clash of will between two vocalists on tour.
Cover illustration by Kazi
Sparks fly whenever they're together. 
Tyler Kostritch is famous for his honesty and straight-talking. It’s just a pity he’s lying to everyone. Ty gave up a promising MMA career to focus on his band. As the frontman of Proletarian Yell, he’s as aggressive and confrontational as he ever was as a fighter. He’s famous for the brutal honesty of his live performances—all the while hiding in the closet, never risking relationships so no one will ever find out. After years of hard work, the band finally have their big break: a tour with the hottest metal band around. It’s the best thing to ever happen to Ty. Until he meets Hale. 
“We’re real. We’re part of a movement. You’re just a boy band playing dress-up.” 
Hale Tahmid, vocalist of the staggeringly-popular Funeral Kiss, is everything Ty’s not: Showy, flirty, openly gay. Hale’s the quintessential rock star from his staggering good looks to his attention-craving love of social media. The two bands couldn’t be more different, and their vocalists are opposites. They clash from the moment they meet, a constant verbal sparring and battle of personalities. Yet Ty can’t help noticing his extreme attraction to Hale. Worse still, Hale knows it and taunts Ty with his bad boy charm, every chance he gets. Ty’s hooked on the beautiful rock star and it’s inevitable that he’ll give into temptation. 
“I’m nobody’s dirty secret.” 
Hale’s not just a pretty face. He’s passionate and ruthlessly dedicated, and may just be the perfect partner for Ty. But Hale won’t accept half-measures. If Ty’s not fully in, he’ll walk away. Ty lives in a castle of lies that would come crashing down if he came out. He’d risk losing his band, his family, and everything he’s worked for. 
How can Ty choose between his love and the music he’s built his world around?
The original title was Prima Donna Boy, a reference to Ty's mocking nickname for Hale. But I didn't want all those words to clash with Kazi's gorgeous illustration! The new title, Integrity, is one of Ty's core defining valuesone that he contradicts by being in the closet and in denial of his feelings for Hale.

Integrity is a rock star enemies-to-lovers story built around the massive tension of two huge and competing egos forced to travel and perform together day after day after day. Under that kind of strain, people snap and secrets bubble to the surface...

Here are the links, I hope you love it!!
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