Monday, 3 September 2012

Exhibitionist Punk

My first ebook is now available on Smashwords!

It's an M/M erotica, 16.5k words.

Synopsis: Jordie is a shy guy who has always craved attention. When he meets Luke on a train he's instantly jealous of – and aroused by – Luke's attention-grabbing punk looks.

But Luke is just as fascinated by him, and soon Jordie finds himself willingly sucked into Luke's bold world of public handjobs and public sex.

The pierced and mohawked punk can be rough and dominant or surprisingly sweet, but either way he promises to change Jordie's life forever as he makes his exhibitionist dreams come true.

Sexy (NSFW) exert follows....

“Don't be embarrassed. It's cool. What's your name?” He shrugged and twisted his head so his headphones fell off onto his neck.

“Jordie,” I whispered.

“Jordie. My names Luke. Good to meet you.”

I managed to grin at him and his smile was huge in return. He was missing a tooth in the front row, just visible when he smiled.

Luke shifted closer so his whole leg was pressed against mine and his body was crushed against my side. His breathing was right in my ear, his face was so close I could have turned and kissed him. He gave my wrist a little squeeze then his right hand moved from my arm to stroke over my crotch. I gasped and stared around. No-one was looking, there was no-one in the aisle and everyone in the seats was looking forward and not noticing us. But it still felt very public.

My cock surged to full bone at Luke's touch. He smiled widely. His fingers stroked over my cock, visible pressing against the thin fabric of my sweatpants. I was starting to dribble pre-cum and I was afraid it might become visible as a wet patch on the thin cotton of my sweats.

“Like that?” He growled low. His words were a caress over my neck and down my spine. I let out a little whimper then looked around, terrified someone might have heard.

His fingers rubbed back and forth over my shaft, teasing it through the worn cotton. He stroked down to the head, protruding clearly where the fabric clung to it. He stroked around the ridge then tapped a couple times. I was having a hard time not whimpering aloud, I had to bite on my lip to quiet myself. I wasn't used to anyone except me touching my rod. And Luke's eyes, dark and aroused and focused on me, were driving me crazy.

“Oh, what do we have here?” He crooned.

Other than my very visible erection turning my sweats into an obscene tent? But when I followed his gaze I noticed the frayed hole in my sweatpants, in the middle of the thigh – these pants had pockets which went between the hole and my skin so I still wore them, it wasn't like they showed skin all the time. But sitting down the fabric stretched taut and the pockets lifted up slightly so a patch of skin showed. It was only the size of a fingernail but you could clearly see my pale skin and a couple leg hairs.

Luke's finger was toying over it and he looked up to meet my face. His eyebrows were raised and I saw he had a ring through the left one. I hadn't seen a guy with an eyebrow ring in years.

“May I..?” He asked. His voice was a gravelly growl.

I met his eyes and saw the power of lust there. It hit me like a sledgehammer in the chest, taking my breath away. No-one had ever looked at me like that, like I was the most sacred object of desire.
 To read more, you can find the book on Smashwords.

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