Sunday, 17 February 2013

WIP novels

It would be easy to assume that, as I haven't put a story online in some time, I haven't been writing. That's not the case at all. And to prove it, here are blurbs for the 7 unfinished novels I have, including their latest word count.

Not Killing Anyone
First in a sweet S&M werewolf trilogy. Four years after the unsolved murders of his family, Theo meets werewolf Baz who explains that the bite on Theo's wrist and the strange feelings he's been having are related - he's a werewolf, just one who's never shifted. Baz becomes an essential part of Theo's life as he helps Theo understand the consequences of being bitten and what to expect if Theo decides to take advantage of his gift and shift into a wolf. But Baz isn't the confident guide he seems - he's reeling from his own tragedy, exiled from his werewolf community and the only home he's ever known to wander the country trying to find atonement for his mistakes. As he deals with Theo's fears and confusion he also has to deal with his own feelings for Theo - taboo romantic feelings which can't possibly be reciprocated.

Living Rough
Trent is half-owner of a progressive publishing house. With a rich and caring family, great friends and international recognition for his company it seems like he has everything he wants. But his feelings for his best friend and editing assistant Nile have grown over the years into full-blown unrequited love. Nile seems to understand Trent in a way no-one else does. The only problem is Nile doesn't seem to share his romantic feelings - or feel any kind of romantic attraction for anyone, at all. When Trent discovers Nile has been living on the streets for years he's forced to admit how little he knows about his best friend and how much he has to overcome to even consider the idea of a romance between them.

Vicky's Rules
Herald is an apprentice tattooist and the owner of one of the last hardcore punk venues in the city. He takes an instant dislike to a preppy new guy at a show - only to discover that the new guy, Victor 'Vicky', is not only to work with him every day but is also already loved by all of Herald's friends. To make matters worse, everyone expects Herald to fall in love with him, too. It takes weeks for Herald's heart to soften toward Vicky with his endless enthusiasm, crappy tattoos and electric violin. The only problem is - Vicky already has a boyfriend. Falling for Vicky opens Herald's eyes to the narrow-minded life he's been living and the potential for unimaginable happiness. But falling for Vicky also means facing pain and heartbreak which could ruin him forever.

Second Degree
Rafiq hasn't had a friend since sustaining disfiguring burns at a young age. He hides in his room in an abandoned train station and creates a world of his own focused around jazz music and tending to his garden. That's until he meets Hunter - a crazy-haired builder with quotations tattooed over his arms, a passion for English and modern Philosophy and a seeming blindness to Rafiq's burns. Hunter bursts into Rafiq's tiny world like a new sun, forcing Rafiq to face himself, his body and the outside world he's been trying to ignore for years.

Arana has nursed a crush on his best friend's older brother since high school. Rockland took the boys to their first hardcore punk show and was there when Arana first realized how much he enjoyed fighting - and being hit. Arana develops a friendship with Rockland over years - a friendship based on their joint love for whittling and wood carving, but hindered by Arana having to hide that he's gay and that he has feelings for straight-as-an-arrow Rockland. Arana does everything he can to impress Rockland but even his fantasy of fighting with Rockland is never fulfilled. He's left with friendship when what he craves is Rockland's body - especially his fists. Their world is turned upside down when Rockland's brother - Arana's best friend - goes missing and the search for him brings the two closer together than ever.

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